Priests of the Sacred Heart

South African Province

"...our whole vocation, our purpose, our duty, our promises, are found in these words:

Ecce venio...

Ecce ancilla.."

Vocation Prayers:


1. Gracious God, you have blessed me with many gifts and talents. Grant me the wisdom to know how best to use them for the glory of your name Jesus calls, “Come follow me.” I want to follow him and be faithful to my call. Help me to see in myself what you see, and give me the courage to follow wherever you may lead. Bless the Church with generous hearts, eager to serve your people and to spread your Word. Amen.


2. Loving God, to be your prophet is my desire, but too often I am more concerned about the bottom line. I want to bring your message to the world as so many before me have done. My heart leads me to you, but I'm not always sure how to respond. Let me know what it is you are calling me to do and the life you are asking me to live. Give me the strength to share with others who are in need of the blessings with which you have enriched my life. Thank you God, for hearing my prayer. Amen.


3. Loving God, you call all things into being and bring order out of chaos. Help all those who are searching to recognize your plan for each of them. Provide us with leaders who will inspire and encourage us, challenge and enable us to establish the reign of your love. Give to those you call enough stillness to hear your voice and enough energy to respond. We pray that a selfish, unbending spirit may never be ours and that we may always seek to do your will with generosity and joy. Amen.


Prayers for vocations:


1. Father, in the power of your Spirit, You sent your Son to bring salvation to all peoples. We pray that you will give that same Spirit to young men and women of our country, so that they, like Jesus, may respond to your call, and so bring Good News to the poor, bind up hearts that are broken, proclaim liberty to the captives, and new sight to the blind, and announce that the time has come, when the Lord will save His people. And so Father, open the hearts of your Youth, so that they may respond, like Mary, with great generosity, in bringing Christ to the world in our day. Amen.


2. Father, you have known us long before we were born and you have chosen us before all time began. In love you have created us at this point in the history of mankind to serve you in your people as religious priests and brothers. We thank you for the call. We have put our hands to the plough help us not to look back, but to see the present with your vision, to search for your will incessantly and to forge ahead with courage and trust into the future. Shape us and mould us, your earthenware jars, that we may become fitting instruments of your love to all people. Finally we ask you, to extend your call anew to the young to be your chosen vessels. May they invigorate our religious communities with new life and love, which overflows to all your people. This we ask through your Son, Jesus, who - Himself poor, chaste and obedient - carried out your will every moment of his life. Amen.


What is needed for the entry into the pre-novitiate:

1. Birth Certificate

2. Baptism Certificate

3. Confirmation Certificate

4. Highest Examination Passed (Matric. Certificate)

5. Two photos

6. Parent's Marriage

7. Recommendation from a Priest who knows you well

8. Recommendation from Employer or School Principal

9. Personal statement and medical confidential report

10. Application for entry into the pre-novitiate

Medical documents:

Personal statement made before a medical examiner ("pdf" format)

page 1         page 2

Medical examiner's confidential report ("pdf" format)



Application for entry into the pre-novitiate program of the Priests of the Sacred Heart

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Provincial Office

Post Net, 228; Melville 2092

Send your application using this physical or e-mail address

Vocation Office

Cell numbers:

Vocation Director: Fr. Joshua Mpiti SCJ:  078 622 2468
Fr. Zachaeus Tembo SCJ:     078 365 9500
Br. Chaka Molapo SCJ:             063 580 5301