Priests of the Sacred Heart

South African Province

"...our whole vocation, our purpose, our duty, our promises, are found in these words:

Ecce venio...

Ecce ancilla.."






S. H. A. L.


The Sacred Heart Auto League is run by the Priests of the Sacred Heart (SCJ)

who – long ago - took the initiative of the S. H. A. L. (begun in the USA,

since decades in South Africa), “to repair” by this return of love  for love.




P.O. Box 304

Aliwal North 9750





It is a League of motorists. In Christian faith we believe in the protection of the Sacred Heart as we venture onto the road. We trust that he, the Sacred Heart, Jesus, protects our person and possessions. We also know this protection is not automatic. It does not even happen necessarily. But we do bring in our part. We know how to handle a car. We know the Code of the road and obey it. We do not force Jesus’ hand by taking risks. Here we express a trust that is not superficial. So, the Auto League has much to do with the Sacred Heart devotion; it draws its meaning from it.


We try to build our driving in a disciplined way, namely:

·  We respect and show “courtesy” - even to ‘inconsiderate’ drivers or imprudent pedestrians

·  We bring Jesus’ healing power onto the road and into the lives of countless people

·  We are encouraged to realize the great need for spreading the Devotion to the Sacred Heart in a special way by showing greater concern for the safety and well-being of those who use any kind of roads

·  We try through greater watchfulness and patience, to repair the harm done by many careless and inconsiderate drivers. It gives one a feeling of confidence knowing that the Sacred Heart is one’s motoring companion. The Priests of the Sacred Heart offer Holy Mass every First Friday of the month, for all living and deceased members of the League, including them with their benefactors.


Banking details: Standard Bank, Aliwal North - Savings Acc.

Name: Priests of the Sacred Heart S.H.A.L.

Acc. Nr.: 180816489