Priests of the Sacred Heart

South African Province

"...our whole vocation, our purpose, our duty, our promises, are found in these words:

Ecce venio...

Ecce ancilla.."


Provincial Calendar 2021



IINDABA 08 March 2001


IINDABA 14 August 2002


IINDABA 30 March 2001


IINDABA 17 January 2003


IINDABA 20 July 2001


IINDABA 30 March 2003


IINDABA 21 August 2001


IINDABA 24 December 2003


IINDABA 01 November 2001


IINDABA 16 February 2004






October 2004/vol1(1)

November 2004/vol2(2)

February 2005/vol1(3)

April 2005/vol2(4)

May 2005/vol3(5)

July 2005/vol4(6)

August 2005/vol5(7)

October 2005/vol6(8)

November 2005/vol7(9)




March 2009/vol1(17)


March 2011/vol1(25)


March 2013/vol1(33)

March 2015/vol1(41)

February 2007/vol1(10)

June 2009/vol2(18)


June 2011/vol2(26)


June 2013/vol2(34)

June 2015/vol2(42)

November 2007/vol2(11)

September 2009/vol3(19)


September 2011/vol3(27)


September 2013/vol3(35)

September 2015/vol3(43)

December 2007/vol3(12)

December 2009/vol4(20)


December 2011/vol4(28)


December 2013/vol4(36)

December 2015/vol4(44)






March 2008/vol1(13)

March 2010/vol1(21)


March 2012/vol1(29)


March 2014/vol1(37)

March 2016/vol1(45)

June 2008/vol2(14)

June 2010/vol2(22)


June 2012/vol2(30)


June 2014/vol2(38)

June 2016/vol2(46)

September 2008/vol3(15)

September 2010/vol3(23)


September 2012/vol3(31)


September 2014/vol3(39)

September 2016/vol3(47)

December 2008/vol4(16)

December 2010/vol4(24)


December 2012/vol4(32)


December 2014/vol4(40)

December 2016/vol4(48)


January 2021

On your special day we wish you God's many blessings!

Blessed New Year 2021




News from Aliwal North, Johannesburg,

and Pietermaritzburg Communities: