July 2005/ Volume 6


1. From De Aar in short:

- Bp. Joe came back from his holiday in the United Sates on Monday 13 June 2005. After a short visit and a talk with the Bishop, Fr. Provincial took Fr. Bojar, who had been supplying for the bishop, back to Aliwal North.


- Fr. Ziggy Chwaja left Colesberg community for Aliwal one where he will be acting as a community bursar in the place of Fr. Benno Hansel.


- Youth of the Diocese of De Aar had their Diocesan Youth Days in Graaff-Reinet, 11-12 June 2005. On Saturday morning they had "ABCD lifestyle campaign" and in the afternoon talents show plus beauty competition. There were 78 young people wearing the same T-shirts made for them and for that event. Present were also Fr. Douglas Sumaili (Youth Chaplain) and Sr. Jane Oday (Spiritual adviser to "Education for Life").


- Some of our youth had a 5-day "Education for Life" workshop, from 22 - 26 June in Petrusville. During the Holy Mass, all participants who completed the workshop made a commitment to Jesus and promised to form "Youth Alive Club," which will be peer positive support. There were youth from Middelburg and Petrusville. Those from Philipstown could not come because they had a funeral of one of their members.


From the desk of  Fr. Adam, junior.


2. From Dehon House (Pietermaritzburg):

·   On the 13th May 2005, five of our brothers were installed to the ministry of lectorate. Those who were installed are: Gillo Lekane, Rigobert (CM); Michel Mandey, Gauthier Buyidi (CO); and Ntsikelelo Bambatha (AM).  We congratulate them and pray that the graces they received through their ministry may serve as an inspiration to discern more on the word of God.


·   On the 14th of May, Fr. Adam and Fr. Charles Brown had represented the community at the funeral of Fr. Notermans.


·   On the 29th of May, Father Provincial visited our community, for the official opening of the “Dehon House”. Fr. Charles gave a Homily, stressing the fact that, “This house should be house of prayer, and that we should try to manifest the love of Christ through our lives”. The celebration was a success. We apologized that most of our SCJ confreres were not notified. Anywhere keep on praying for us.


·    As from the 29th May 2005, the brothers (Students) started to prepare for their examination. We pray and hope that what they learn at school might be visible in their lives and also that they can be good and integrated sons of Fr. Dehon.


·    On the 03rd June the community celebrated the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


·   On the 9th June, one of our brothers, Joaquim Carlitos from Mozambique had a back operation and it was a success. He stayed for two weeks in the Hospital in order to recover. He will have 6-7 weeks of strict bed-rest.  Let’s continue to remember him in our prayers.


·   On the 10th June, Fr. Charles Brown left Hilton community for the States. We continue to pray for him. And we hope to see him in the near future.


·   On the 11th June, 4 of our brothers, 2 from CM and CO respectively, left for holidays and preparation of final vows in their respective countries. We hope that they realize the seriousness of what they are committing themselves to and equally promising them our supportive prayers.


·   On 14th June, Bro. Basilio Uahica from MZ province, who came to learn English, arrived with Fr. Domenico. He will start his course in the University of Natal in the near future. We welcome him and we hope that he will have a splendid time here in the community.


·   On the 18th June, Fr. Sandro left for Mozambique for the provincial assembly. He will also take a week to relax after the assembly. We wish him all the best.


·   Some student confreres were placed in different areas for their pastoral work: Bro. Ntsikelelo in Middleburg, Bro. Dominique, went with Deacon Basile to Montebello. We hope that they will have an enriching experience in those places.


3. All the way from Cameroon:


Hello beloved Confreres,


With life I am very fine. That goes for my French lessons also. I have been struggling to sent this message to the editor of Amagqabantshintshi, and I hope that this time I will succeed. Health-wise I am now fine. I was sick several times but the baby is still on the bed, it has not fallen. I am quit happy here in Baffousam. It is now a rainy season and its cold. I am progressing well in French, thanks to my teacher Madam Sarah. I am also grateful to Fr. Alphons, the superior of the community who welcomed me, and to everybody in the community. I have a French course twice a week and I get a very good practice speaking it everyday with the pre-postulants. I also help them to learn some English. I also participate in daily activities of the community. People here are very good and kind to me.


That is all from me so far. I cordially greet all the readers of Amagqabantshintshi, especially in the AM province.

Bye for now, Joshua Mpiti, scj


4. From the provincial council:


a) Contracts between the AM SCJ Province and the dioceses of De Aar and Aliwal:

The old contracts were overviewed and it was decided that they be studied by all the members of the province and that they send their suggestions or alterations to the provincial council for consideration.


b) Fr. P. J. McGuire SCJ (US) would like to visit us in 2006:

It was proposed that he comes in March/April and give us an ongoing formation on “the significance of Fr. Dehon’s message in our times.”


c) Fr. Hansel’s operation:

It has been provisionally postponed to 3 August 2005. You will be duly informed if the date happens to change again.


5. New Data book for the AM province:

Compiled by Fr. Z. Chwaja. Please let him know of any changes, be it your phone and cell phone numbers as well as e-mail addresses.


6. Change of phone number:

The parish priest of Bethulie has changed the phone number in his house to (051) 7630705.   This means that the old one 7630022 is no longer in use.