November 2004/ Volume 2


1. New developments in Hilton/Merrivale:

The process of obtaining a new property for the accommodation of the Merrivale/Hilton formation community in Pietermaritzburg is on its way. There is a possibility that by January 2005 the community will be reunited in one house.


2. Bro. Abram Tsikanyane

One member of the above community, Bro. A. Tsikanyane, who has just satisfied the requirements of the second year of Theology, will not be rejoining the community next year.  He will be out for a pastoral year of experience. We wish him a smashing time full of God’s blessings.


3. The Provincial Assembly, 29-30/11/04

The assembly held in Aliwal on the above dates was a success. The main topic of discussion was on the beatification of Fr. Dehon, what preparations to be done before, what is to be done on the day itself and what thereafter?  Many ideas were brought forward. Remaining is only to put them into practice. All this discussion followed a paper delivered by Fr. Grzelak on “Beatification of Fr. Dehon.” We thank Fr. Grzelak and Fr. Cappoferi for the work put into preparing this talk and for helping us to focus on the beatification.


4. Sacred Hear Auto League.

Some steps are being taken towards developing the Sacred Heart Auto League. More personnel and some few changes are envisaged.  As things continue to take shape you will be informed.


5. Transfers

We are hoping that by the end of December everyone will know where they are transferred. There are a few things to be sorted out first.


6. Celebrating the jubilee for Bro. Schmedes & Fr. Stritmatter.

Due to their illness both were absent on the 23-24 September 2004. The provincial administration is still looking for a suitable date for a low profile celebration for them


7. Formators meeting in Cameroon.

The date has been changed to the 2nd half of February. No particular date and venue have been given as yet. Fr. Panteghini sent a letter with certain specific requirements for the meeting. The AM province will send two participants Fr. Musialek and Fr. Surdel.


8. Fr. John Strittmatter.

Fr. Strittmatter, after a check up with the cardiologist has, on the 22 November 2004 happily returned to Middleburg. We wish him a happy and an uneventful resumption of his work, hoping that he will take it easy due to his health conditions.


9. Bro. Andrianarinosi Herilala Rodilson, scj

Known by his baptismal name “Dominique” he hails from Madagascar. He recently arrived in South Africa, first to learn English with two other students from MZ in Aliwal North, and then go for their Theological studies at St. Joseph’s Institute (Cedara) and will form part of the Hilton/Merrivale International formation house. Welcome to South Africa Bro. Dominique!


10. Fr. Ofenloch

Having spoken to him in Germany Fr. Provincial said that he still is sure about his coming back to South Africa. He envisages coming back towards the end of February 2005. He is in good shape after all the medical attention he received. He will make up his mind on what to do after consulting with the doctor. On coming back to South Africa he would have to do a stress free work. He is very much interested in becoming a resource person.


11. Meeting of the SCJ bursars, March 2005.

The venue for this meeting will be in South Africa. The AM province is responsible for the organisation of the venue. The provincial council will look into this matter.


12. Port St. John’s

Our two sick and recuperating confreres, Bro. Bona and Fr. J. Strittmatter, in the company of Fr. W. Tratz (a diocesan priest) and Fr. P. Surdel, who ironically spent the whole day in the kitchen seeing to the gastronomic requirements of the confreres.


13. Returning home

Fr. Lazaro and the six (6) student confreres from Mozambique, who have been with us for a month learning English, will on Friday 3rd December, return to their country.  It was nice to have them and they have enjoyed their experience in South Africa.  Having given a kick-start to English, they hope to continue privately so that by the time they come back next time they will have greatly improved.  BON VOYAGE  to them!

Aliwal Diocese

14. Priestly ordination:

Deacone William Ketso will be raised to the order of priesthood on the 11th December 2005 by the Bishop emeritus Fritz Lobinger. He will celebrate a thanksgiving mass at Macacuma on the 12th December 2005. You are all welcome. We wish Deacon Ketso a good preparation and promise him our prayers.