October 2004/ Volume 1


This is a Xhosa word meaning “News in Brief.”  This is a new invention of the AM province to facilitate quicker information to you confreres.  It published.  It is just that it is too slow.  This is a response to a need voiced by you confreres to communicate more often and faster.   We will try our best to send the issue every month.


The editor, Fr. Zolile Mpambani, mandated by the Provincial council, is, therefore, asking all the confreres in the AM province (NB.  Not only of the AM province, to please send whatever information you want to share with the confreres to this e-mail address (zolile@interfree.it)  I also request those confreres who receive this issue outside the AM province to feel free to send us some news, be it about them or their ministry in order to keep us informed.


Please, your suggestions towards this issue are most welcomed.


Remodelling of Hilton:

Despite the problems that marred the progress to remodel the hall in Hilton, things are changing for the better as the town planner advised that we can go ahead and remodel, giving us an almost sure hope that we will get the permission to do so.  Fr. Adam Musialek has taken the issue in both hands and he seems to be handling it very well.


What to do with the Pottery?

The hall to be remodelled has a pottery attached to it.  It is clear that should this remodelling take place, the pottery would remain suspended.


2. Planning of the next provincial assembly:

The next provincial assembly will be held in Aliwal North:


Date:…………...     29th  November 2004

Possible topics…   - Preparation for the beatification of our Founder.

          - Integrity in ministry

          - Responding to Fr. Dalla Zuana’s letter.


Planning for the forthcoming transfers:

Preparations for the transfers to be effective at the beginning of 2005 are underway.  As soon as they are complete, members will be officially informed.


Evaluating the Sacred Heart Auto Ligue.

Frs. Benno Hansel and Zolile. Mpambani, in co-operation with Fr. Andries Lemahieu were asked to evaluate the Sacred Heart Auto League and bring the report to the provincial council.


Preparing our Province for the beatification of our Founder.

How can we highlight the beatification of our founder? E.g. by posters, prayer pamphlets, articles in news papers, web site, retreats, talks, ongoing formation day etc. also involving the parishes where we minister.  More suggestions are welcome.  Should you have any, please send them to Fr. Ziggy Chwaja (ziggyscj@hotmail.com)  While Fr. P. Koscielny, who is in charge of this, was away, Fr. Z. Chwaja was mandated to look for some material to use for the above, and if his services would be further needed, the council would talk about that.


Fr. Bojar:

Fr. Bojar, who is interested in joining our province, has arrived in the country on the 26th October for a come and see experience.  The arrangement is that he stays in the country for nine months to familiarise himself with the kind of work we are doing as well as the climate and many other things.  He will be staying at the Monastery in Aliwal North till further notice and Fr. Ziggy Chwaja will be his mentor while there.



It has become very slow.  We need to speed it up a bit.


Formators meeting in Cameroon:

The formators meeting in Cameroon is under preparation.  It will take place in February 2005.


Meeting of the Provincials in Rome:

Fr. Provincial is in his second week in Rome attending a meeting that started on the 18th October 2004. He will be back on the 13th November 2004.  He sends greetings to all.


Our sick confreres:

Fr. John Strittmatter is recuperating very well after his triple bypass in Bloemfontein. He is presently residing at the Monastery in Aliwal North.  Bro. Bona Schmedes is also recovering patiently and well after his hip operation. We wish both a speedy recovery.


Welcome to Bros. Carlos and Vincent:

The AM province is happy to welcome two confreres from Mozambique named above.  They are here to study English in preparation for their Theological studies next year at Cedara.